These worksheets are based on my free Finnish video lessons on Youtube. Not all lessons have individual worksheets, and some lessons have been combined into one worksheet. All worksheets include answers. Some worksheets include colors, so a color printer is needed if printing them out.

All worksheets are meant for personal, non-commercial use only. Redistribution in any form and/or selling and/or using them in a public setting, such as in a class, is not allowed.

Currently available:

  • Worksheet: Cases (sijamuodot) – Buy in my Etsy shop (NEW!)
  • Worksheet, Numbers 100 -> – FREE
  • Worksheets, vol 2 – Buy in my Etsy shop
  • Worksheets, vol 1 – FREE

Worksheet: Cases (sijamuodot) (NEW!)

This worksheet has 19 pages of exercises on Finnish cases, based on my four cases videos on Youtube. Answers for all exercises are included, as well as some links to online dictionaries and resources on cases. All sentences in the exercises can also be translated from Finnish to English as an extra exercise, and answers for these are included as well.
One PDF of 44 pages (including answers): print and do as many times as you like!

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Worksheet, Numbers 100 ->

This free worksheet contains exercises on numbers from 100 onwards, based on my video lesson on Youtube. Answers are included.

Worksheets, vol. 2

Each lesson has 2-4 pages of exercises, and answers are also included. The following ten lessons are included:

  • Lesson 14: At a restaurant
  • Lesson 15: In a shop
  • Lesson 16: Personal pronouns
  • Lesson 17: Traveling
  • Lesson 18: Directions
  • Lesson 19: At the Doctor’s
  • Lesson 20: The verb “be”
  • Lesson 26: The verb “have”
  • Lesson 29: Sports
  • Lesson 31: Questions

Click on the image to buy in my Etsy shop!

Worksheets, vol. 1

1-3 pages of exercises per lesson. Answers are included. Includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 2: Greetings
  • Lessons 3 & 4: Numbers 1-20
  • Lesson 5: Numbers 21-100
  • Lesson 6: Family members
  • Lesson 7: Colors
  • Lesson 8: Basic conversation
  • Lesson 9: Weekdays and months
  • Lesson 10: Seasons and holidays
  • Lesson 12: The clock
  • Lesson 13: Basic conversation 2