Have a question for me or about my lessons? Check the FAQ below to see if I’ve already answered your question! I’ll update the FAQ when needed.

If you can’t find an answer in the FAQ, feel free to contact me via my email (please note that if your question is already answered in the FAQ, you may not get a reply):

Both forms (Suggest a video topic & Contact me) are currently unavailable due to spam comments.

Do you have a Patreon account?

Patreon as it is usually used in for example the US is unfortunately not legal in Finland – individuals can’t collect money as donations. I want to keep my videos accessible for everyone, so the best way to support me is to buy something from my Etsy shop and watch my videos. 🙂

Do you offer private lessons and/or courses?

Unfortunately no, due to time constraints. 

I need something translated to/from Finnish. Can you do it?

I regret that I’m unable to offer translation services, even for short texts. Translation requires a lot of time and effort, and at the moment I don’t have enough time to do translations. 

I need help with Finnish grammar/other issue, can you help?

I often get questions about grammar in the comments of my videos, and I try to answer them. However, I may not always have time to find the answer and write it down, so the best place is to perhaps post a question under one of my videos, so that other learners can help you, too, or post a question on a Finnish learners’ forum, such as “Kielikoulu” on the Finland Forum: 

I want to suggest a topic for a video. How do I do it?

I’d love to hear your suggestion! Feel free to send your suggestion by sending me an email (address above). 

Please note that when I consider a new topic for a video, I take the following aspects into account:

  • The topic must be clearly/easily defined (e.g. “adverbs”).
  • It is useful to as many learners as possible.
  • I am able to make a video that suits my channel (i.e. the video wouldn’t be too long or have too many difficult terms).